BOSCH-Driverless Electric Shuttle

German components manufacturer Bosch had a big presence at CES 2019. It predictsthat driverless electric shuttles will become a common sight in major cities all around the world, and its CES booth showcased how it plans to be a part of this nascent segment. Bosch has packed an array of innovations like shuttle-specific infotainment technology, electric motors, and a software platform that helps users find a ride into a shared, fully connected design study (shown above) that made its global debut at CES. There is even software so advanced it can identify a piece of gum on a seat or a spilled cup of coffee.

Bosch displayed other innovations at CES, including a technology called Perfectly Keyless that it promises will revolutionize keyless-entry systems while making them much more complicated to hack, and a way to bring radar-based electronic driving aids common in new cars to the world of motorcycles. Digital Trends talked to Kay Stepper, one of the company’s automated driving experts, and with Bernd Heinrichs, the head of its smart mobility division, to gain valuable insight into where the mobility industry is going and how fast it will get there.

Royal Flexible folding smartphone

A smartphone with a flexible screen that folds out to become a tablet, this was a hot gadget in Vegas.But it will need to move quickly to work – Samsung has said its own folder will be out in the coming months.There are certain issues with folding phones, such as the aspect ratio. A regular display looks almost square when unfolded or, for it to look like a regular tablet, it requires a wider-than-usual display when in phone mode. But it’s a sign of the future.

Royal flexible QWERTY keyboard

We’re entering the era of flexible electronics where everything from your phone to, who knows, maybe even your fridge will have a bendy screen. Royole launched a flexible screen last November and is getting in on the flexi-act big time, with a QWERTY keyboard that can be laid down on any flat surface and connected via Bluetooth. At the push of a button, it’ll roll up and you can stick in your pocket. Official pricing is not yet announced, but expect to see the keyboard quite literally roll out in the second quarter of 2019.

Bell Flying Taxi

Don’t dismiss the flying taxi as a pie-in-the-sky concept best suited to science fiction films. Many of the aviation industry’s brightest minds — and some of the world’s wealthiest governments — are working on making them a reality in the not-too-distant future. Bell unveiled a full-scale prototype of a vertical-takeoff-and-landing (VTOL) air taxi at CES. Called Bell Nexus, it’s powered by a hybrid-electric propulsion system that zaps six ducted, tilting fans into motion. Inside, a trio of screens provide key information about the flight and the drivetrain.Bell didn’t provide a time frame for the Nexus’ release, but a company spokesman told us it sees the taxi soaring by the mid-2020s.